The Bible...God's Early Edition

ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern
" The Bible ... God's 'Early Edition' "!

"What if you knew beyond a doubt what was going to happen tomorrow. What would you do?  There's no easy answer for a guy who gets tomorrow's news, today."

That was the opening voice-over for an old TV series from the 90's called "Early Edition".  In this show, a good-hearted man named Gary Hobson received a daily paper every morning filled with all of the events of tomorrow's news! Every week he did his best to avert some selected tragedy, but his efforts were often frustrated by the unbelief and mockery of the very people he was trying to save! Christians who study the signs of the times and seek to warn their neighbors and friends may be able to relate to Gary Hobson. Still, we must persevere for the sake of the remnant that will believe us when we tell them that the bible really does contain the "early edition" of tomorrow's news! Below is another "future head-line" written 2,500 years ago, followed by two more news stories from just last month...!

" Jerusalem is an Immovable Stone!"
"I will make Jerusalem and Judah like an intoxicating drink to all the nearby nations that send their armies to besiege Jerusalem. On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone, a burden for the world. None of the nations who try to lift it will escape unscathed." - Zechariah 12:2,3

Palestinians reject proposal ... ... 8-13-08, 4:43 pm

PALESTINIAN PRESIDENT MAHMOUD Abbas has rejected an Israeli peace proposal... (Israeli President) Olmert's proposal does not offer a solution to competing claims to the holy city of Jerusalem. "The Palestinian side will only accept a Palestinian state with territorial continuity, with holy Jerusalem as its capital..."

Condi pulls a Solomon: Split Jerusalem in 2 8-28-08 By: Aaron Klein  Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice, completing a visit to the region today, has been pressing Israel to sign a document by the end of the year that would divide Jerusalem by offering the Palestinians a state in Israel's capital city ...

Let's learn to use biblical prophecy to show those who are lost that only our bible is "God's early edition"! Remember that seeds we leave behind today may still produce fruit during the tribulation years of the near future as those who are left behind see that our God knew the end from the beginning all the time!

Look up, saints, for "your redemption draweth nigh!"