Israel Reborn


Dear Reader, Here is a challenge for you...

Name me another people group who have survived 19 centuries of national exile, 19 centuries of dispersion and 19 centuries of genocidal attacks only to be reunited again in their ancient homeland to thrive and prosper amidst the hateful rage of 350,000,000 enemies! Hollywood would reject the script as being too fantastic, but God not only accomplished it ... He even called His shot!


"And I will bring my exiled people of Israel back from distant lands, and they will rebuild their ruined cities and live in them again.  They will plant vineyards and gardens; they will eat their crops and drink their wine.
Amos 9:14

Before you dismiss any of the "Certain Signs" featured on this site as being too bizarre or incredible to ever come true, remember that for 19 centuries, critics of the bible said the very same things about the many bible prophecies foretelling Israel's miraculous rebirth!

I will bring my exiled people of

Israel back from distant lands...

...they will eat their crops...

Since 1948, the surrounding Islamic nations have made war on Israel 6 times!

In 1948,1956,1967,1973, 2007and 2008, Israel has been forced to defend her right to exist against overwhelming odds. Israel has won each war without using any of her nuclear arsenal, although her armies have been vastly outnumbered!

In the 1948 "War of Independence", the armies of 5 neighboring Arab countries attacked together the day after the USA recognized Israel as a sovereign state. These pan-Arabic forces had a total of 725,000 men against Israel's 140,000!

To quote the website referenced below,


"The invading forces were fully equipped with the standard weapons of a regular army of the time - artillery, tanks, armored cars and personnel carriers, in addition to machine guns, mortars and the usual small arms in great quantities, and full supplies of ammunition, oil, and gasoline.


Further, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria had air forces. As sovereign states, they had no difficulty in securing whatever armaments they needed through normal channels from Britain and other friendly powers. Jewish forces, on the contrary, had been prevented from acquiring arms by the British and so had no matching artillery, no tanks, and no warplanes in the first days of the war."


Israel's entire air force

Possessed 9 obsolete airplanes

by the end of the 1948 War of Independence!

...Yet Israel still prevailed!

What rational explanation can there be for such a military triumph? I believe that once again, our answer is to be found in the pages of bible prophecy.

Near the start of this article, I quoted a verse from the book of the prophet, Amos.

Here, below is the very next verse following... 

"I will firmly plant them there in the land I have given them, says the Lord your God. Then they will never be uprooted again."
Amos 9:15


You see, Israel is there to stay because when Yeshua comes soon as their Messiah-King to take up his throne in Jerusalem, His ancient people must be there to recognize Him at last and to serve Him there in their God-given homeland with great gladness!


That has always been the plan of God for Israel, His "first-born son"!

As the ancient Jewish prayer says,

"On that day, the Lord will be One and His name will be One!"


...they will rebuild their ruined cities ....and drink their wine



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